sell plastic lining pipeline for alkali transport

Linkname:Edith Yuan TEL:0086-379-63631980 Address:Floor 5, Binjiang Building, No.72, Jinguyuan Road, Luoyang,China,Luoyang,Luoyang,Henan Company:Luoyang Jinhui Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd. Plastic lined pipe is a kind of steel pipe which lined the quality plastic against the inner wall of the steel pipe. By the ordinary steel material as the steel pipe, and excellent plastic with abrasive resistance, anticorrosion, heat-resistance and so on as a lining layer, we combine the characteristics of metal and plastic together, into the characteristics with high strength, high abrasive resistance, high anticorrosion and high heat-resistance. It has both the mechanical properties of steel pipe and the characteristics of anticorrosion, scale formation resistance of plastic pipe. Plastic lined pipe is the perfect pipeline to carry sour, alkali, salt, corrosive gas and other media. Plastic lined pipe with lined food-grade PP can be used in food, medicine and drinking water industry. Usually plastic lined pipe has PP lined pipe(GSF.PP), PVC lined pipe(GSF.PVC), PE lined pipe(GSF.PE), PO lined pipe(GSF.PO), PTFE lined pipe(GSF.F4) and so on.

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